Does Star *67 Still Work and Hide Caller Identity in 2023?

Many people value the ability to make phone calls without revealing their personal phone numbers. One method that was commonly used in the past for anonymous calls was dialing *67 before making a call. However, with advancements in technology and changes in telecommunication practices, it is important to ask the question: Is * 67 still a viable option for anonymous calls in 2023? In this article, we will explore the current status of Star 67 and whether it remains an effective method for maintaining anonymity.

Understanding Star 67

Before diving into the viability, let’s briefly discuss what * 67 actually does. When a person dials *67 before making a call, it enables the Caller ID Blocking feature. This means that the recipient of the call will see Private Number, Blocked, or a similar message on their caller ID display instead of the caller’s phone number. This feature is designed to provide privacy for callers who do not want their phone numbers to be revealed to the receivers.

Changes in Caller ID Technology

Service providers and telecommunication companies have implemented various mechanisms to improve the accuracy and reliability of caller identification. Additionally, regulatory changes and increased emphasis on consumer protection have led to stricter guidelines for handling anonymous calls.

As a result, the effectiveness of *67 in preserving anonymity has diminished. While it may still hide the caller’s phone number from being displayed on the recipient’s caller ID, it does not guarantee complete anonymity. In many cases, law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and certain authorized organizations can still trace the origin of the call, even if the number is blocked.

Why Do I Need To Use *67?

You might want to use star 67 feature to hide your caller ID for privacy reasons. This can be useful when you want to make a call without revealing your phone number to the recipient. It’s commonly used to maintain anonymity when reaching out to someone who you may not want to have your contact information. The main reasons why one would want to use these features are:

Privacy Concerns:

If you’re looking to maintain your privacy when making a phone call, using star 67 is a simple and effective solution. When you dial *67 before making a call, your phone number will be blocked from the recipient’s caller ID display. This means that they won’t be able to see your phone number or identify who is calling them. By using * 67 feature, it allows you to prevent the receiver from seeing your phone number or who is calling them. This can be especially helpful when calling someone you prefer not to share your phone number with, such as a business contact or an individual you met online. By blocking your caller ID, you can maintain a level of privacy and control over your personal information during the call. It provides a sense of security when communicating with unfamiliar or unknown individuals, as they won’t have immediate access to your contact details. Additionally, some phone carriers may charge an additional fee for using star67, so it’s important to check with your carrier before using it regularly. Overall, * 67 can be a helpful tool for maintaining your privacy when making phone calls, but it’s important to use it responsibly and understand its limitations.

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Business Related calls:

Using star 67 in your income can be a helpful tool when it comes to maintaining your privacy and anonymity. This feature allows you to block your caller Identity from displaying on the receivers phone which gave you the ability to make calls without revealing your ID. To use *67, simply dial the code before the phone number you wish to call. Once the call is connected, your caller ID will be blocked from the recipient’s phone. This can be particularly useful when making business calls or contacting potential clients without wanting to reveal your personal phone number. However, it’s more important to note that not all phone service support star 67, so it’s important to confirm before trying to use this feature. Additionally, *67 does not provide complete anonymity as the recipient may still be able to trace the call back to your phone number through other means. Therefore, it’s important to use * 67 with caution and only when necessary.

Does *67 still works?

Can I hide my number using this method? The answer is YES

Yes, the use of the star 67 feature to block caller ID is still relevant and reliable for both iPhone and Android phones in 2023. However, it’s important to note that the accessibility and operational capabilities is depending on your network service providers. Therefore, it’s recommended to confirm from your service provider whether the * 67 feature is supported and how it can be utilized on your device. Service providers may have different codes or methods for blocking caller ID, so it’s best to consult their documentation or contact their customer support for accurate information.

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How to Block *67 Calls On iPhone?

Blocking *67 calls on an iPhone is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings
  • Select phone, and then select blocked contacts.

From there, you can add multiple numbers you want to block. It’s important to note that while blocking a number will prevent them from calling or messaging you, it won’t prevent them from leaving voicemails.

How to Block Unwanted Calls on Android?

If you are fed up of receiving unwanted calls on your Phone devices, then there are several ways to block them. One option is to use the built-in call blocking feature on your Android device.

Method 1: Built-in call blocker

  • Open your Phone App
  • Go to your recent calls list
  • Select the number you want to block
  • Tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner. 
  • Select “Block number” and click confirm your choice.
how to block number on android phone

Method 2:

The other option is to download a call blocking app from the Google Play Store.

These apps can provide additional features such as the ability to block calls from unknown or private numbers, as well as the ability to create custom block lists.

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Alternatives to Star 67 in 2023

Considering the limitations and reduced effectiveness of star 67, it is essential to explore alternative methods for maintaining anonymity during phone calls in 2023. Here are a few options worth considering

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers offer a convenient solution for anonymity. These numbers are not directly tied to a physical phone line and can be used to make calls without revealing the caller’s personal number. Many virtual phone service providers offer features like call forwarding, voicemail, and text messaging, making them a versatile option for individuals seeking anonymity.

Third-Party Calling Apps

There are numerous calling apps available that provide options for anonymous calling. These apps often allow users to make calls using temporary or virtual phone numbers, masking their actual phone numbers. Additionally, some apps offer encryption and additional security features to enhance privacy during phone calls.

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In 2023, using *67 for secret calls isn’t as good as before because of better caller ID, rules, and emergency access. To keep calls private now, people should try other ways like special numbers or apps. These choices give more privacy and control over sharing personal info. Remember, staying hidden is hard, and no way can promise complete privacy. People should think about what they need, check the options, and pick what works best for them.


How does star 67 work?

Dialing *67 before a number hides your caller ID. The recipient sees Blocked or Private Caller instead.

Are there situations where *67 doesn’t work?

Some recipients might have settings to reject blocked calls. Emergency services can still trace your location.

Can businesses or individuals see my number with *67?

In most cases, your number remains hidden, but some advanced systems might still capture it.

Is star 67 legal to use?

Yes, it’s a legal feature offered by phone service providers for privacy purposes.

Are there alternatives to star 67 for hiding my caller ID?

Some smartphones allow you to adjust caller ID settings in their menus.

Will *67 protect my privacy completely?

While it offers anonymity, it’s not foolproof. For stronger privacy, consider using secure communication apps.

Can I use star67 internationally?

The use of star 67 or similar features might vary in different countries. Check with your provider.

Can I unblock my number after dialing * 67?

In most cases, the blocking lasts only for the duration of the call. Hang up and redial without star67 to reveal your number.

Is star 67 a guarantee against unwanted tracking?

No, it helps protect your caller ID, but other methods might still be used to track calls.

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