A Comprehensive Guide to Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive

In today’s fast-moving digital world, it’s really important to keep in touch with your friends, family, and coworkers. The advent of mobile applications has made this easier than ever before, and one such application is Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive. This feature is designed to elevate video calling experiences by enabling screen sharing during calls. In this comprehensive guide, we will learn about what it is, how to keep it safe, the things it needs permission for, problems people might have with it, ways to fix those problems, and how to turn it off or stop it if needed. Whether you’re a Samsung phone user or simply curious about this feature, read on to unlock the full potential of Com samsung android app sharelive.

What is Com samsung android app sharelive?

Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive, often referred to as ShareLive, is a mobile application developed by Samsung to enhance the video calling experience on their Android devices. This innovative feature allows users to share their screens during video calls, making conversations more interactive and productive. It’s essentially a collaboration between Samsung and the Google Duo video calling app, which was later integrated into the Google Meet app.

The primary goal of Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive is to offer users the ability to share content, such as documents, presentations, or images, directly from their Android devices during video calls via Wi-Fi Direct technology. People really like this feature because it helps them work together better, whether it’s for meetings at work, learning things, or just sharing moments with friends and family.

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Is Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive Safe or Not?

ShareLive is a real app made by Samsung, a well-known and trusted tech company. So, it’s not something bad like spyware. It was developed through a collaboration between two tech giants, Samsung and Google. But it’s still important to be careful when you download and use any app, including ShareLive. Always ensure that you download apps from trusted sources, such as the Google Play Store, to mitigate any potential security risks.

Users can rest assured that Com samsung android app sharelive similarly like com.samsung.sdm.sdmviewer does not compromise their privacy or security. It is a legitimate feature designed to enhance the user experience during video calls.

What Permissions Does Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive Require?

Com samsung android app sharelive, like many other apps, requires specific permissions to function correctly on your Android device. Sometimes, apps might need permission to use your camera, microphone, storage, and internet connection. They need these permissions to do things like showing your screen, taking and sharing pictures or videos, and linking to other devices. Some of the common permissions required by Sharelive include:

  • Camera and Microphone Access: Sharelive needs access to your device’s camera and microphone to facilitate video and audio communication during calls.
  • Screen Sharing: To enable screen sharing, Sharelive requires permission to capture your device’s screen.
  • Storage Access: Sharelive may request access to your device’s storage to save and retrieve shared content.
  • Contacts: Access to your contacts may be necessary to initiate video calls with your contacts.

It’s worth mentioning that these permissions are typical for apps that involve video calls and sharing your screen. Giving these permissions allows ShareLive to work the way it’s supposed to.

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What are the Common Issues Caused by Sharelive App?

While Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive is a valuable feature, users may occasionally encounter some common issues. These issues can include:

  • Connection Problems: Users may experience difficulties connecting to a video call or sharing their screens due to network issues.
  • Audio or Video Quality: Sometimes, audio or video quality may not meet expectations, leading to a less-than-optimal video calling experience.
  • Compatibility Issues: Sharelive may not be compatible with all Android devices or may have limitations when used with certain apps.
  • Time Limits: Some users have reported encountering time limits when using Sharelive for extended periods.

How to Fix Com samsung android app sharelive?

Addressing common issues with Sharelive often involves troubleshooting steps. Here are some tips to resolve common problems:

  • Check Your Network: Ensure you have a stable internet connection to minimize connection problems.
  • Adjust Settings: Explore Sharelive settings to optimize audio and video quality.
  • Update the App: Ensure that you have the latest version of Sharelive installed to access new features and bug fixes.
  • Use Compatible Apps: Verify that you’re using compatible apps for screen sharing to avoid compatibility issues.

How to Delete / Uninstall Samsung Android App Sharelive?

While Com samsung android app sharelive is a valuable feature for many users, there may be situations where you want to remove or disable it. It’s important to note that Sharelive is a system app, and uninstalling it may not be straightforward. Attempting to remove it can potentially disrupt your device’s functionality.

If you decide that ShareLive no longer serves your needs or you encounter persistent problems, you can uninstall it in the same way you remove App Spage from your Samsung Android device. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Samsung device.
  2. Scroll down and select Apps.
  3. Locate and tap on Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive in the list of installed apps.
  4. Tap Uninstall or Delete to remove the app from your device.


In summary, Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive is a testament to Samsung’s commitment to enhancing the smartphone user experience. When people can show what’s on their screens during video calls, it makes conversations more interactive and helps everyone get more done. While it is generally safe and useful, users may encounter occasional issues that can be resolved through troubleshooting steps or by uninstalling the app if necessary.


Is ShareLive available on non-Samsung devices?

ShareLive is primarily designed for Samsung devices. While it may work on some non-Samsung Android phones, its compatibility and functionality may vary.

Can ShareLive access my personal data?

ShareLive requires certain permissions to function, but it is not designed to access or misuse your personal data. Always download apps from trusted sources to ensure your data security.

Are there alternative screen sharing apps for Samsung devices?

Yes, there are alternative screen sharing apps available on the Google Play Store for Samsung devices. You can explore options like Google Duo Video Calling, which offers screen sharing features.

Can I use ShareLive without an internet connection?

ShareLive relies on an internet connection to function properly, especially for real-time sharing and video calls. An active internet connection is recommended for the best experience.

Is Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive safe to use on my Samsung device?

Yes, Com.samsung.android.app.sharelive is safe to use. It is not spyware or malicious software and is developed by reputable tech companies.

What permissions does Sharelive require on my Android device?

Sharelive typically requires permissions for camera and microphone access, screen sharing, storage access, and contacts to facilitate video calls and content sharing.

How can I improve audio and video quality during Sharelive calls?

To enhance audio and video quality, ensure a stable internet connection, adjust Sharelive settings, and use compatible apps.

Can I uninstall Sharelive from my Samsung device?

Sharelive is a system app, and uninstalling it can be challenging. It’s not recommended to attempt removal, as it may disrupt your device’s functionality.

Are there any time limits when using Sharelive?

Some users have reported encountering time limits when using Sharelive for extended periods. Check for updates to see if this limitation has been addressed.

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